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We are a team of creative interior designers crafting homes, workplaces, and institutions. We are one of the most renowned Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore. Your prestige shines on our precision.

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Looking for inspiration to craft your home? We are one of the most affordable interior designers in Bangalore, serving luxury interior designs to our clients.  Get a Free Quote Today!

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Powerful interior designs for your entire house to reflect your personality and taste.


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Themed based Room and Section designs for different moods and age groups.



We manufacture everything your home needs in order to provide you ultimate quality and personalisation.

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We have been producing timeless designs till date and have been executing them with precision. Along the lines of our exceptional service, we have proved ourselves to be the Best interior designers in Bangalore. Have a look to inspire your dream home today!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Eluzai has an expert team of designers and industry experience that exactly knows what comes out best. Eluzai ensures that the customer’s ideas are kept into consideration and perfectly integrates their experience with the client’s asking.

Having an expert team of designers, even if you do not have any prior knowledge of design, will guide you through each step. Ideas, suggestions, pictures, established designs, color combinations and various other elements and ensure that ‘your perfect design’ is created.

Eluzai aims at getting the project delivered with the utmost quality in the least possible time. The time differs according to the askings and creation, but one can be ensured that they aim at delivering the project soon enough so that the client does not catch wait bubbles.

Yes, Eluzai’s team abides by the values of ‘service after service’. They guide the client through the entire do’s and don’t’s and make sure that the client does not face any trouble after the delivery. Even if he does, the team remains firm in assisting and resolving the trouble at the earliest